The Red-Tailed Hawk

Where We Offer Our Magick - our 2019 calendar: we will be back in 2021. Until then, may the Goddess keep us all safe!

When What Where
Saturday, September 21st 2019 Pirate Festival
4 E Delaware St 4 E Delaware St, Marcus Hook, PA 19061
Saturday, September 28th 2019 Norwood Borough Community Day Norwood Lower Park, East Amosland Avenue and East Winona Avenue, Norwood PA 19074
Saturday, October 19th 2019 Crafts Show Sun Valley High School,
2881 Pancoast Ave, Aston, PA 19014
Saturday, November 9th 2019 Crafts Show Interboro High School,
500 16th Ave, Prospect Park, PA 19076
Saturday, November 30th 2019 Crafts Show 2 Cambridge Rd # 100, Brookhaven, PA 19015